Welcome to City Harvest AG Church Bangalore! We’re glad you are here! We believe that some people want to worship God, but they may not know where to begin when they are alone at home. If that sounds like you, then start by getting a hold of these anointed Christian praise and worship songs compilations that will fill your room with the presence of the Lord. Allow the music to simply wash over you like rivers of living waters. Let His presence flush out every fear and every anxiety. Let His love take away the cares that burden you. Let Jesus be magnified and glorified, and watch Him turn all things around for your good!

Anointed Praise and Worship is an important ingredient of a living church. The Harvesters is the worship team of City Harvest AG Church, Bangalore. We have anointed and trained musicians and vocalists to lead our members into a heavenly worship experience. The movement of God is seen week after week in all of our services. If you are thirsty to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, we welcome you to one of our Sunday morning worship services in Bangalore, India.

Our team gives a lot of emphasis on prayer and meditation on God’s word in our practice sessions and the results are evident when the team takes stage on Sunday mornings. Do not miss this opportunity if you happen to be in Bangalore, India. You are welcome to a soul stirring morning worship experience at City Harvest AG Church, Bangalore.

Worship Leaders at City Harvest AG Church:

  1. Ebenezer Premkumar
  2. Jeevan Nesan Gomez
  3. Alex Benjamin
  4. Shainu P. Thomas
  5. Pr. Rejoy Thadathil
  6. Nikkitha

Our Spirit-filled worship sessions: