Women’s Fellowship | Third Saturday 5 pm | City Harvest AG Church

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

We are living in times where women go through a lot of stress. Moreover, for working women, they are under tremendous stress. City Harvest Women’s Fellowship is a forum where we meet to refresh and encourage one another. We meet every 3rd Saturday at 5 pm. All women above the age of 25 are welcome to be a part of this meeting. In short, our main goal is to connect with all our incredible women and encourage them to grow spiritually according to biblical principles. Moreover, women’s fellowship will be a gathering where women of God will pray together for each other and for the needs of the society. 

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The Bible Values Women

Women are considered to be God’s beautiful creation who are richly blessed with innumerable gifts. That is to say faith, beauty, gratitude, gentleness, empathy, generosity, tolerance and many more.  In both the Old Testament and New Testament, we can see numerous instances that finely portrays the significance of a Christian woman. Moreover, Proverbs 31 wonderfully describes the qualities of a God fearing and a righteous woman on whom a complete family is built upon. Above all, God has set an innate value for a woman which is equivalent to that of a man since the beginning.

Purpose Of Women’s Fellowship

As a Christ centered church, it is our vision to nurture women for the glory of the Lord and build them up in their gifts.

Therefore, as ministers of Jesus Christ, we believe that each woman has a defined purpose in their life which needs to be fulfilled according to the will of God. As a result, at City Harvest AG Church Bangalore, we encourage our women to grow nearer to God by building their faith and a stronger self. It is highly important for each woman to hold themselves up through all the situations and be imperishable. 

According to the Bible, Women are also instrumental in sharing the gospel. In fact, the Samaritan woman shared her testimony through which an entire town believed in Jesus Christ. Subsequently, Paul, has affirmed the equality of both genders by choosing different women who were involved in God’s ministry.

Bonding With Other Like-Minded Women

Likewise, City Harvest Women’s Fellowship is a place where you can meet and bond with other godly women. Certainly, this gathering will enable you to learn the word of God in depth and uplift you as a Christian woman. 

Women’s Fellowship Mission

Apart from this, our women’s fellowship also conducts missions in various parts of the city. The woman take trips to orphanages, old age homes and minister among oppressed women. As a Christ centered church, it is our vision to nurture women for the glory of the Lord.

In short, we welcome you to attend women’s fellowship every third Saturday at 5 pm at City Harvest AG Church Bangalore.