New Year Message: Let God Arise


We have come to the final minutes of 2010. God has been good to us this year. As I was praying for the theme for 2011 God spoke to me that He is going to arise for his church, God is going to arise for his people in 2011. Today, I want to share with you on the challenging theme of 2011 “Letting God Arise.”

I have titled this message based on Psalms 68:1
Psalms 68:1-3 “May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him.

God arises for his people. Our enemies are scattered when God arise on our behalf. God is promising us that the enemy that oppressed us, the enemy that took our joy away is going to be scattered in His name.

Deuteronomy 28:7 The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.

When I think about God arising and the strength of God it makes me think of Samson first. Samson the judge is a type of Christ for us in the Old Testament. Not because of his character but because the events of his life that point towards Christ.


In Judges 16, Delilah is trying to find out the secret of Samson’s strength. She puts him to sleep and binds him three different times. Each time she binds him she calls the Philistines to overpower him. Then she would cry out to Samson, “Samson, the Philistines are upon you”. Samson would wake son and soon and his bindings fly off him by the strength of God like a piece of string that snaps when it comes to fire.

When God arises on behalf of his people, it doesn’t matter what threatens to bind us, or what enemies oppose us, they will be scattered just like the chords that snapped and scattered as Samson awoke. When God arises God is going to strengthen you to overcome your problems.

Now, when I am talking about God arising, it does not mean that God is asleep and needs to be awoken. God sometimes chooses to be quiet and not to respond as quickly as we want him to respond. Why? For some of us He gives a chance to wait patiently and trust in Him, yet for some God gives a chance to repent and turn to him. But there come the time when God decides enough is enough, he rouses himself, and we have a “suddenly” moment, when things change. His people are preserved and his enemies are scattered.


Psalms 68:1 May God arise, may his enemies be scattered.

Enemies Scatter: When God arises the enemy scatters. The enemy that was oppressing you in 2010 is going to be scattered says the Lord.

Psalms 68:3 But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God, may they be happy and joyful.

Joy and Rejoicing: When God arises the righteous will be glad and rejoice. We will be happy and joyful. In 2010 if you were sad and in tears, 2011 is a year of joy. God will wipe away every tear and restore joy in us.

Job 31:13-14 13 “If I have despised the cause of my male or female servant when they complained against me, 14 What then shall I do when God rises up? When He punishes, how shall I answer Him?

Execute impartial judgment:

Job admits that if he had done injustice to a servant, he would have reason to dread God’s punishment when he arises and he could have no excuse. In the same way if you have knowingly done wrong as believers we would have to fear the punishment of God when he arises. But for the ones who have been faithful, for the ones who have been walking with integrity, you need to fear anything because God is going to bless you.


What changes do we need to bring in us for God to arise for us?

1. Do things God’s way.

Illustration: When I was a young, we had night prayer at our church. We would sit for prayer at evening 6 and the prayer would go on until 12 midnight, sometimes it went until 3 am the next morning. Then the people would get a little sleep, go to work, and meet again at evening 6. We did things God’s way, trusting in Him, spending time with God. God brought a great revival.

What had happened? When we as God’s people finally started doing things God’s way we let God arise! Things suddenly came alive and the church began to move forward for God. Many times God does not arise because we do things our way.

Do things God’s way in 2011. Spend more time in prayer and devotion. Give your talents, and time to God. Support missions. You see God is going to arise on your behalf.

2. Move with God.

The phrase “Let God Arise” did not originate from Psalms 68. This phrase was first spoken by Moses during the wilderness journey.

Numbers 10:35 So it was, whenever the ark set out, that Moses said: “Rise up, O LORD! Let Your enemies be scattered, And let those who hate You flee before You.”

The Israelites on the way to the Promised Land was led by God through a cloud. They camped when the cloud that was leading them stood. They moved when the cloud moved. Therefore when the cloud moved the priests and the Levites became very busy. The priests would go to the holy place. And take down the separating veil between the holy place and the Most Holy Place. They would use the veil to cover the Ark of the Covenant for travel.

Once things are ready, they put their shoulders under the staves used to carry the Ark and stand ready to follow the Cloud of Glory. In the meantime the rest of the priests attended to their designated assigned duties of dismantling the rest of the Tabernacle structure and quickly stand behind the carriers of the Ark. The rest of the camp of Israel had to pack their belongings, fold their tents and wait for the ark and the tabernacle wagons to move.

When God arise you move.

Now listen, there was no time for delay. Once the priests are ready with the ark, Moses would shout, “Rise up, O LORD! Let Your enemies be scattered, And let those who hate You flee before You.” The cloud, the ark, and the tabernacle wagons would move. The entire Israelites had to move with the ark. The God that arises was moving and his people must move with Him or will be left behind.

God is asking us to be sensitive to the move of God. Move with God. When we move with God, God arises for his people. Do want God wants you to do in 2011. Move with God.

3. When God arises Change happens.

To the Israelite, the cry of “Let God Arise” became a cry of change. It was a cry of forward progress. It was a moving from one camp of learning experiences to another. They are going to go travel through an unknown land, camp in a new place. They are getting closer to the Promised Land. Their stability came from the Lord who was with them in the previous camp.

We do not know what 2011 is going to hold for every one of you. But we know one thing the Lord who led us in 2010 is the same God who is going to lead us in 2011. For many of you be ready for a good change next year. Your financial struggles are going to change. God is going to give you victory over the unanswered prayers of your life. Marriages are going to happen in Jesus’ name. Many of you are going to get new jobs this year. The church is going to grow. God is going to bring in new souls.

Someone say “I am ready for the change.”


Remember Jesus and his disciples traveling in a boat when Jesus slept? Jesus slept. Suddenly a great storm broke over the boat and it nearly drowned. The disciples woke Jesus up and said, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” The Bible says Jesus arose, rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

It doesn’t matter how tough your situations are, it does not matter what you are fearful about the next year, if Jesus is in our boat he will definitely arise and we will be safe.

Let God arise every day and every month of 2011.

I hope you receive it tonight. Give a clap offering to God.

Amen. God Bless You!