Sunday, June 28, 2020

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Welcome viewers. Watch our worship service online.

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We believe a Church is not bound by its walls. We believe that we are the Church and we carry it wherever we go. We break these walls and bring our church to your home. We hope that you will enjoy the presence of God right at the comfort of your house today. We believe that the live streams will be a blessing to those around the world. Online Church.

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We invite you to attend this Pentecostal church and encounter a genuine Pentecostal experience as you worship with us live online.

Especially, we are grateful to God for our dedicated media team, whom participate actively in recording, live editing and broadcasting our church services live on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Sunday Live Church Service

We broadcast our Sunday worship services live at IST 8 am, 9:30 am, and 11:20 am. Anyone can access the live through our website, YouTube and Facebook.

 Our worship services begin with a session of powerful praise and worship. Also we have miraculous testimonies and special songs that come as a part of our church service. Moreover, Pastor Shine Thomas delivers in-depth word of God on all Sundays, except the days when powerful and word-based preachers are invited as guest pastors to minister at this Bangalore church.

Wednesday Bible Study Live – Sword

We broadcast our live Bible study every Wednesdays.

The church meets for a Wednesday night service, every Wednesdays at 7 pm IST. Wednesday Bible Study includes worship and in-depth study of the word of God. We are sure this will help you to be deeply rooted in the word of God, which will enable you to grow in maturity in the Lord.

Fasting Prayer Live Webcast

In addition to the above, City Harvest AG Church Bangalore also telecasts live our fasting prayers at church. Fasting prayers are a time where many anointed men and women of God minister.

Kindly join us for live fasting prayer.

Watch Us Live on Facebook and YouTube

City Harvest AG Church broadcasts the live service both in Facebook and YouTube.

Kindly follow us in these social media platforms to worship live with us.

All in all, we believe one must attend church on all Sundays. Wherever you are, you must strive to have a local church and be involved and participate in a church, under the leadership of a good pastor.

We are broadcasting our live church service for believers of the following categories: Believers and people who are sick and are unable to travel. Believers who are elderly and find it difficult to travel to church. We also broadcast our services live for people who travel on a Sunday morning.

We at City Harvest AG Church in Bangalore are sure that you will be able to experience God and have a deeper relationship with God, as you worship live with us on Sundays and Fridays.

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