Testimonial of Rosalynn Lawrance

Praise the Lord!During this time of lock down, the first thing that came to my mind was this verse. Psalm 122:1, I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord .” We see how David longed to go to the house of God and worship God together with the Israelites. Indeed, we can worship God in our houses, but there is a joy inexpressible when we gather together with our fellow brethren and worship God. I believe Continue reading →

Testimonial of Lisa Dey

Praise the LORD.While I’m writing down my thoughts I know that the LORD is in control of everything in our earthly lives. As followers of Jesus we are the Church. We ought to love people around us the way as Christ did.When I recollect how the early church used to meet up continually regardless of the trials they faced as Christians, we know that it is not only the church building, rather it is all about fellowship and spreading the Gospel. In the present pandemic Continue reading →

Testimonial of Mabel Jeevan

More than it being a weekly routine, coming to City Harvest AG Church every Sunday is a real blessing. Having to miss it for the past few weeks has been rather strange. Praise God that we can connect via technology. I am however longing to meet our fellow believers in person and worship God together physically. Greeting each other with a warm smile is something that I have missed dearly in the past few weeks.Looking forward for the times where we can worship God together Continue reading →

Testimonial of Abigail Price

I grew up in an Islamic country on the other side of the world, where churches were a rarity. In-fact, Bible studies among nuclear families was the closest experience I had to a Sunday service. After settling in India and being welcomed into City Harvest as part of the choir, it has become my second home. I would always look forward to meeting with other singers and musicians. Indulge in practice for hours, and meticulously ensure the balance of the Word and worship. The church Continue reading →

Testimonial of Rebecca Ebenezer

Why do I miss going to church?Human beings need a community. Evidently, we are deeply social beings, and the community provides us with comfort, purpose, and support in times of need. Church is an excellent example of this. We need fellowship with other members. The interaction with others makes us grow as a person. Additionally, there is accountability to each other which is very important. We can also exercise our gifts of hospitality, encouraging, administration, etc to name a few. I am looking forward to Continue reading →

Testimonial of Elliot Clarence

I certainly miss my church. City Harvest has become a sort of home to me, and the wonderful people I’ve met and gotten to know have become part of my extended family. This lock down has been really tough, with all the restrictions. Although I fully understand the reasons for the lock down and will respect the regulations, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss church. I’ve been coming to City Harvest for a little over one year now, and I have been so blessed! The Continue reading →

Testimonial of Sanchea Sandeep Daniel

Being a minister’s daughter I have got the opportunity to travel far and wide. We attended various services both in India and across the globe. But I can whole-heartedly say that it is at City Harvest AG Church that I have truly found a home. The worship services have always been Spirit-filled. Constant with a choice of songs that appeal and ministers to all kinds of age groups. My favorite part of the service has to be the undiluted preaching of God’s word. That never Continue reading →

Testimonial of Temmy Cotek

The gathering of saints has been the best part of my life, Hebrews 10:25 makes it clear we shouldn’t neglect to gather together, and as soon as I left Bangalore to Dubai, I was able to join a Bible-based church. I have missed the City Harvest AG Church family a lot. The youth gathering has always been one of my favorites where we get to fellowship with one another in brotherly love. Being a part of the choir was a blessing as I was able Continue reading →