God’s Plan

Speaker: Pastor Larry Gibb, Australia INTRODUCTION A question often asked as we ponder life is “do I have a purpose in life?” and “Does God have a plan for my life?” The answer to those questions is YES!!! 1. GOD’S PLAN IS CUSTOMIZED You were born in response to the determined plan of God, not as an afterthought. Before you took even one breath, every day, every step and every circumstance in your plan was recorded. God knows you “inside out” Psalm 139:13-16 13 For you created Continue reading →

What the Will of God is Not?

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION Three churches in a town had a lot of problem with monkeys. They used to come and eat away the children’s church supplies, take away food from the children, and steal the handbags of the ladies. After much prayer, the elders of the first church determined that it was God’s will that the animals were created. Who were they to interfere with God’s will they reasoned. Soon, the monkeys multiplied and were all around the church. The elders of the second Continue reading →

The Specific Will of God

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION Have you ever wondered for directions in your life as to which course to take? How to lead my life? Where to settle down in life? Should I do this or that? Well I also had times when I battled with all such questions. As life went by I understood the concept that God has a specific will for every day of my life. This morning I am going to continue my series on ‘The will of God.’ Last Sunday we Continue reading →

God’s Eternal Will

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION A middle-aged farmer always wondered in the back of his mind whether God really wanted him to be a great evangelist. One day working in the fields, he took a break and laid down under a tree. Looking up in the sky he saw the clouds form what seemed to be the letters P and C. So, he hopped up, sold his farm, and went out to P-reach C-hrist; knowing now that this was God’s will for his life. The only Continue reading →