Maximize Your Life

Illustration A man purchased an ad space on a highway billboard and put up these words: “Enjoy life now: There is no afterlife.” After this sign came down, two area churches got together and put up their message on this same billboard: “Life is short. Eternity is not – God.” Life is short, isn’t it? In a matter of 363 days, a year gets over and what you choose to do determines how you end the year. Therefore it is very important that you maximize Continue reading →

Prioritize your Marriage.

Points Covered: A sermon on how a husband and wife can fulfill their God given roles within a family and enjoy the joy of marriage. Prioritize your marriage. Prioritize your life complete series. Joke: Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her mother, “Why is the bride wearing white?” Her mother said, “Because white is the color of happiness, and today is the happiest day of her life!” The little girl thought about this for a minute, then asked, “Why Continue reading →

Prioritize your parenting.

Points Covered: How to be a godly parent? How to bring children up in the fear of the Lord? Roles of children and parents within a godly family. Prioritize your parenting. Complete series on Prioritizing your life.  Illustration: The story of two paddleboats. They left Memphis about the same time, traveling down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. As they traveled side by side, sailors from one vessel made a few remarks about the snail’s pace of the other. Words were exchanged. Challenges were made. Continue reading →

Prioritize your spiritual life.

Complete series on Prioritizing your life. Points Covered: Three areas where we can give God priority in our lives so that we can be prosperous and blessed. Practical ways you can prioritize your spiritual life. Misplaced priority Joke: Surprised to see an empty seat at the world cup football final stadium, a diehard fan asked the woman sitting nearby whose seat it was. “It was my husband’s,” the woman explained, “But he died.” “I’m very sorry,” said the man. “Yet I’m really surprised that you still love Continue reading →

Setting your priorities right!

Complete series on Prioritizing your life. Points Covered: This message speaks on practical ways how we you set right values and priorities in life? Every person has their own priorities and values in life. Our values set our priorities. It determines where you spend your effort and time. We pick up our values basically from what we are constantly exposed to – like our childhood experiences, our family upbringing, our education, our friends, our neighborhood, our workplace environment etc. So at the end of the day Continue reading →