He paid a debt He did not owe! Philemon 15-25

Points Covered: A very practical message on the action needed for forgiving others and the right motivation to forgive our offender based on the epistle of Philemon. Complete series on Philemon We all go through offenses and hurt from time-to-time in life. Maybe things have been said about you or others actions have pained you and you are hurt. Most of the time people do not talk and get over it, but we keep the hurt with us to pull it back at a later Continue reading →

Steps to reconciliation. Philemon 8-18

Points Covered: Steps to reconciliation. Biblical conditions to accepted an offender. Complete series on Philemon Joke: At a vacation at a hotel with their wives, two men who had been friends in college crossed paths. The old friends just caught up, sent their wives to the room, and sat in the lobby all night talking. They knew they would be in trouble with their wives. The next day they happened to see each other. “What did your wife think?” “I walked in and my wife Continue reading →

Forgiveness – Restoring Relationships-2 Philemon 4-7

Points Covered: A sermon on forgiveness. Why do we have to forgive others? Seven reasons to forgive. The character of a forgiving person based on the life of Philemon. Complete sermon series on Philemon Joke: One Sunday during his sermon, a preacher asks the congregation how many are willing to forgive their enemies. They all raised their hands except for one elderly lady in the back pew. The preacher noticed her and asked, “Mrs. Peter, why aren’t you willing to forgive your enemies?” “Well, I Continue reading →

Forgiveness – Restoring Relationships! Philemon 1-4

Complete sermon series on Philemon Points Covered: Forgiveness of God. Examples of forgiveness from the Bible. Introduction to Philemon, a letter on forgiveness. Are you dealing with hatred and bitterness in your life? We have a society filled with bitterness, vengeance, anger, and hatred toward others. This can be seen in the retaliatory kind of crimes that takes place in our day. One of the major contributors to hatred and the destruction of relationships is the absence of forgiveness. Our culture pushes us to be Continue reading →