Jesus the Liberator | Mark 5:1-20

Introduction This question who is Jesus Christ had been asked in many ways by different people in the early ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Mark 4 when Jesus calmed the storm his very own disciples expressed that question regarding the identity of Jesus, “What manner of man is this? Even the sea and the wind obey him.” It is sad that the disciples who walked so close with Jesus did not fully understand him. So,This is a real question that you need to Continue reading →

The Calm In The Storm

Introduction How do you go about your day-to-day life? Are you calm or anxious about things? Do you exercise faith or are you stressed out? Well, most people live a very stressful life. People are stressed out about a crisis that is ongoing in their life. Some are anxious thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow. Yet there are some who are worried about what did not happen in the past. God wants us to live a life of faith, a life that is Continue reading →

He that was dead sat up!

Luke 7 In Luke 7, Jesus was in a little town of Capernaum. Jesus had been approached by some servants of a Roman centurion. Now the Romans were hated by the Jews because they were the rulers of the land. Israel was not independent at this time, so normally the Romans were despised and hated by the Jews but not this centurion. We discover that he was a man who had been very kind to the Jewish people. He had done many good things for Continue reading →

Help My Unbelief!

Speaker: Rev. Shine P. Thomas Scripture: Mark 9:14-29 Introduction: A woman lived in a small house built at the foot of a tall mountain. The mountain obstructed her view and made the inside of the house dark. She had read the Bible about faith moving mountains. Taking it literally, one night she prayed that the Lord would remove the mountain. The next morning the mountain was still there. “Oh!” she replied, “Just as I expected!” We pray, but do we really believe? “Unbelief separates our circumstances Continue reading →

God knows our needs.

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION: Have you ever asked to yourself, “Does anybody know the pain and hurt I am experiencing?” God sees your heart like nobody else can. God knows the condition that you are in. He knows your needs, and he has an appointed time for your breakthrough. I believe your breakthrough is on your way. God is on your side and if you can believe, God can turn things suddenly around. I want to take your attention to a one healing that Jesus Continue reading →

When in Trouble!

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION We are all following Christ with all our heart, mind, and soul. We are trying to be right biblically as much as possible and be good Christians. But many times when we look into the reality of our lives, still there are mountains of problems to be answered. And as we are trying to solve these problems unexpected storms from all sides come our way. Some of you are facing it all alone and you are wondering where you life is Continue reading →

When Sorrow Met Hope

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION A train speeds down a track and collides with a car compacting it into a small slab of metal. By the way this was a trial and caught on camera? It will be used to show drivers as to what could happen if they carelessly try to beat a train at a railroad crossing. With television cameras rolling a brand new car is accelerated into a concrete wall. Smash! Air bags explode. Crash dummies get the impact. The test is repeated Continue reading →

Demons – Are they real?

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas Scripture: Mark 5:1-13 This morning we are going to see why demons possess human beings, the characteristics of demon possession based on this scripture, and how we can overcome the schemes and the attacks of the devil. BRIEF HISTORY Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee with his disciples. Jesus slept in the boat. A great storm came up and the waves broke over the boat. The boat was about to drown and disciples were afraid. Jesus rebuked the wind and the wind Continue reading →

Lord, Use Me

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas Scripture: Mark 6:30-44 Today I am going to tell you how God uses pastors, ministers, and every believer in a church for His glory through a miracle that Jesus did. BACKGROUND OF THE SCRIPTURE This miracle is mentioned in all 4 gospels and we will study from all 4. John the Baptist has been put in prison. Jesus sends his disciples 2×2 to preach the gospel. Jesus in the meantime is ministering alone. King Herod beheaded John the Baptist in the prison Continue reading →

Healing at The Pool

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas Scripture Reference: John 5: 1-5 Introduction:  What are the problems we are facing today? Maybe for years we are praying about it. The problem has become a part of our life and we have the same life routine everyday. We have the same lifestyle where there is no peace, the same sickness haunt us every day and the same circumstances. We need a change. Many of you are crying for a change this today. Lord, maybe I could change this; change that Continue reading →