Surrender to be Blessed. Genesis 32

Points Covered: A sermon on the life of Jacob from Genesis 32 he surrendered to God. This sermon surrender to be blessed focus on the blessings we receive when we surrender. Complete sermon series on Jacob Many times, life brings us to situations where we are pushed to the losing side. Some of you are here with regrets of the past and pain of failure. Some of you are in different crossroads in life. I am here to tell you that God is with you at Continue reading →

Seven Keys to Growth and Prosperity. Genesis 30-31

Points Covered: A practical message that can position us to receive God’s abundant blessing. I am excited to share with you seven keys to growth and biblical prosperity. Introduction: We are living in a world where people are chasing after money, riches, wealth, and property. People go any length to attain prosperity in life. Do you know that is exactly what God is offering his people? Your prosperity God’s priority. It is his promise for you. We are in a study on the life of Continue reading →

Learning things the hard way! Genesis 29

Points Covered: A very practical sermon on finding your right marriage partner. This message will give you five excellent tips for finding your right life partner. This sermon also covers, the lessons Jacob learnt the hard way; what you sow, you reap. Further Reading on finding the right partner. Man basically is wicked, tough and deceptive in nature because of the fall and it often takes God to bring people through tough discipline to build God likeness in them. Guess what: Even when God disciplines us, Continue reading →

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Genesis 28:1-22

Points Covered: A sermon based on Jacob’s dream that encourages us to trust God at difficult times of our life. God dis with you. A closer look at Joseph’s dream. Are you going through a sunset experience in life? Maybe you had great expectations in life but now your dreams are shattered, you are far away from the promise and you are seeing the end of the day. I am here to tell you that in your dark nights God is still there. God is Continue reading →

The end doesn’t justify the means. Genesis 27:1-46

Points Covered: A survey through Jacob’s life that shows us that principles and values in life is more important if you want to sustain God’s blessings. The end doesn’t justify the means. Introduction: We all have great dreams and ambitions in life. In the process of chasing our desires, we are always faced with the choice or reaching there in God’s way, God’s time, and God’s principle or achieving it by devious methods. Many times, people reason out that as long as our end is for Continue reading →

Do not Trade Your Blessing. Genesis 25:19-34

Points Covered: A sermon on the birth of Jacob and his childhood. This sermon primarily covers the foolishness of Easu as to how he gave up his birthright and the blessings foolishly and how we God’s children lose our blessings. Introduction: Today I want to speak on Jacob. As we trace his life, we will discover that he had as many defeats as victories. Jacob’s life is a struggle from the very beginning. He cheats and is cheated and loves and is betrayed. In short, here Continue reading →