Serve God where you are! | 1 Kings

 Serve God Where You are! by Rev. Shine. P. Thomas Are you happy with what you are doing? A man walks into his boss’s office. “Sir, I’ll be straight with you, I know the economy isn’t great, but I have over three companies after me, and I would like to respectfully ask for a raise.” After a few minutes of haggling the boss finally agrees to a 5% raise of his salary, the man happily gets up to leave. “By the way”, asks the boss Continue reading →

Antidote to Fear and Worry

What is the antidote to fear and worry? How are you coping up with the lock-down and the situation the world is in right now? Are you pulled apart with the cares of this world? Do you spend your time in worry, stress, fear, anxiety or do you operate in God’s peace and enjoy every moment of the day? How to live in an anxious world and yet have peace and joy in life? Do not worry Luke 12:22-34 22Then Jesus said to his disciples: Continue reading →

Dealing With Rejection

How to deal with rejection? Have you ever felt that you are being treated unfairly? Have you gone through situations where you thought you did not get a fair bit of the deal? Well, we all at different times of our life go through feelings of rejection and betrayal. Such feelings can demoralize us. In the scripture, we find a lot of God’s people going through rejection and betrayal. Moses was rejected by his own people. Jesus went through rejection. Paul was rejected by the Continue reading →

Dealing with Rejection.

Points covered: How to reject the rejections that come our way?, learn to deal with rejections from Jesus’s example. Reasons for rejections. ways to over come rejection, You are competent in the Lord. We all go through rejection at different times of our life. One of the hurtful experiences in life that can ever be is to be rejected by your family, your peers, or your loved one. Perhaps you have experienced that and maybe some of you are going through that right now. I Continue reading →

When Heaven seems Silent!

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION: Have you ever felt that God was giving you the “silent treatment”? How should you respond when God seems distant? Every one of us has dreams and goals in our heart. There are promises that we are standing on. May be you are believing for a breakthrough in your job, your career, your ministry, your child, breakthrough in your family etc. Deep down you know God has spoken that to you. But so often because it is taking a long time Continue reading →

Why are you so afraid? Mark 4:1-9

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas Bible reading: Mark 4:1-9 A multitude gathers around the seaside by Jesus, so many that he is congested by them. People push against him and try to get closer to Jesus. Jesus is crowded up against the water there, so he enters into a little boat and goes a little into the sea and there within their hearing he began to teach. Mark 4:1-3 1Again Jesus began to teach by the lake. The crowd that gathered around him was so large that he got Continue reading →

Stress Management

Summary: This post gives practical tips for stress management. Signs of stress. Biblical steps of stress management. Read and lead a stress-free life. Joke: Once a man who was suffering from severe stress went with his wife to the doctor. The doctor said to the wife, “Your husband needs rest and peace. Here are some sleeping pills.” Wife, “When must I give them to him?” Doctor, “They are for you.” Helen Steiner Rice: Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, teardrops and pleasure, laughter and Continue reading →

Don’t lose your song

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION: Many people walk around daily with a sad, grumpy face. For some the words ‘Christian and ‘joy’ contradict each other. They feel that Christians have to look unhappy and some even look like they have been baptized with vinegar. Joke: Once there was a large Pastor’s conference where pastors from across the nation came. All the pastors finished the Sunday worship in their churches and rushed to the convention, all were tired. During the break, several of the preachers ran across Continue reading →

Profit from your crisis

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION: How do you respond when you face a problem in life? There are all kinds of worries and they come to us surprisingly. Maybe you are going through a painful situation, suffering a loss, going through difficulty or hardship which can be in your finances, relationship, health, career, studies, ministry etc. The issue is how do you respond? How do you deal with it? If you respond the right way, you can profit by it. The truth is that in every Continue reading →

Bring your worries into captivity

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION: Our mind has a great capacity to think. We think one way this moment and the other way the very next moment. Such thinking is good; it can produce a lot of good results. But sometimes thoughts can easily distract our mind and induce worry in us. Worry is a powerfully destructive force that can keep us from being happy in life. Many people today are living depressed, defeated, and tormented lives all because they never know how to guard their Continue reading →