The Rising Sun | Christmas Sermon

Luke 1:67-79 Introduction Once we went as a family to Pondicherry for vacation. Pondicherry is towards the east coast of India. Early morning if you happen to go to the beach you can see the sunrise there. The rising sun is so beautiful to look at. The sun breaks upon the darkness of night and brightens up the day. The rising sun dispels the darkness. Well, Jesus Christ came as the promised Messiah some 2000 years ago. He came to dispel the darkness of sin Continue reading →

The Sign | Christmas Sermon

Before we start I would like to ask, what could be the greatest sign of all “The sign”? Well, Some say the first flight by the Wright brothers was one of the greatest inventions, while others say the invention of the computer and the internet revolutionized the world. But what I would say the greatest wonder in human history is the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. And certainly, this is much beyond human comprehension. The virgin birth is so true that the sign Continue reading →

Knowing Christ | Christmas Sermon

What could be more important than knowing Christ in our Christian life? Joke One Christmas Eve two guys were at a bar and after a while, they started chatting with one another. One guy said, “Where are you from?” The other replied, “I am from Frazer Town, Bangalore.” The first guy said, “Really! I am from Frazer Town too.” “What high school did you attend?” The second guy said, “Lincoln High School.” “Are you kidding me? I went to Lincoln too! What year did you Continue reading →

Miraculous Conception | Christmas Service

Matthew 1:18-25 The miraculous conception was a result of God taking the initiative to send his son Jesus into this world to save us from our sins; however, this also involved the obedience of Joseph and Mary. Well, this morning I want to have a closer look at this text and we will derive some application for our life based on the miraculous conception. Background Now, Matthew is writing his gospel with an apologetic aim. In Matthew 1, the author is giving defense for the Continue reading →

The Divine Child

The Divine Child Luke 1:26-28 26In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, 27to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. 28The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” Luke 1:29-33 29Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. 30But the angel said to her, “Do Continue reading →

When God Came Into The World| Christmas Sermon

When God came into the word: Scripture: Luke 1:26-33 The most significant event that ever happened in this world is the event when God came into the world. God the Son entered the world to provide salvation for all who believe. This is the high point of God’s redemptive plan. Paul stated in Galatians 4:4-5 4But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, 5to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption Continue reading →

Christmas Sermon I AM

John 8:51-53 51Very truly I tell you, whoever obeys my word will never see death.” 52At this they exclaimed, “Now we know that you are demon-possessed! Abraham died and so did the prophets, yet you say that whoever obeys your word will never taste death. 53Are you greater than our father Abraham? He died, and so did the prophets. Who do you think you are?” John 8:54-59 54Jesus replied, “If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, whom you claim as your God, is the Continue reading →

Live Right

Points Covered: Five excellent ways to live right based on the life of Joseph, the father of Jesus. People who live right: Trust God at all times. Choose to give love instead of anger. Don’t live for people’s approval. Live for moral integrity. Care and help others in need. Introduction: It is always easy to travel downstream than to travel upstream. It is easy to be living like the world than to live according to the word of God. How is your life? Are you living right Continue reading →

Virgin Birth Conceived.

Points Covered: This sermon proves the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. A detailed look at the life of Mary and Joseph. Matthew 1:18-24 The virgin birth of Jesus is the belief that Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit without the agency of a human father and born while Mary was still a virgin. Whose son is Jesus? Mary, Joseph, or God. What is your thought about the birth of Jesus? Do you believe without doubt that Jesus was born of a Continue reading →