A Believer’s Walk-1

A Believer’s Walk-1 by Rev. Shine P. Thomas How is your walk with the Lord today? A Believer’s Walk , Practical Christian Life When a person comes to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the new creation has come and the old has gone. Then, there is a certain level of progress and quality of life that God expects from us. How is your walk with the Lord today? Is there progress in your spiritual life from when you were saved? In 1 Continue reading →

Saved to Serve | Ephesians 2

Saved to Serve by Rev. Shine. P. Thomas Are we not Saved? so Why not Serve? Using your life productively for the Lord, To Serve Everyone has their own weaknesses and faults in life. Sometimes we use our shortcomings as excuses for not being used by God. We say, “I cannot do anything great, I have got these limitations.” The good news is that God does not just use perfect people. If he did, none of us would have a chance. God’s calling in your Continue reading →

Words – Life or Death? Proverbs 18:21

Kind of words we speak. Metaphors of the human tongue. Bridling our tongue. We are living in a time of explosion of communication and knowledge. If you have a smart phone you can speak to anyone in the world. Talking to people has just become easy and instant. Internet, email, Facebook, and WhatsApp has redefined modern-day communication. But in spite of all the technology, people still have a difficult time communicating, especially in marriage and family relationships. God created man with the ability to communicate. Continue reading →

Resolving Conflicts | Nehemiah 5

How to resolve our conflicts? One of the most common and unfortunate things dealing with people in conflict. We have stories of conflicts at the workplace, conflicts at home, conflicts in the society, and sadly conflicts also at church. Are you presently going through a conflict with someone? Do you know that conflicts tend to have negative consequences on either party dealing with it? Conflict with others can result in frustration, hopelessness, dissatisfaction in life, depression, and general unhappiness in people. Every one of us Continue reading →

A Disciple’s Priority | Luke 10:38-42

What is a disciple’s priority? What is your number one priority in life? Certainly, priorities differ for different people and it is our values that help determine our priority. So, as a believer of Jesus, what is your priority? We need to understand that Jesus not only called us to be believers but to be his disciples. So, have you ever thought as a disciple what is the number one thing you need to do? A Disciple’s Priority Before we get into the passage, I Continue reading →

Lose Your Life To Save It | Discipleship

Lose your life to save it, what does that mean? What does it take to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ? I have heard people telling that “You accept Jesus Christ, come to church, take baptism and you are on the right track of following Jesus”, for instance. Indeed this is very true, however, Christianity is not just baptism and coming to church or is there something more required of it? Most likely, we have all heard the phrase “Little drops of water make Continue reading →


Summary: A very practical message on practical ways to love one another and the real motivation or benefit of loving one another.  Joke: A husband and wife could never love one another because they used to often fight over money. This man never went to work but wanted to make fast money, so he would buy lottery tickets. The wife was money minded too. She wanted her husband to get good income. Finally, fed up with the husband’s ways the wife gave him a divorce. Continue reading →

Overcome Bitterness

Points Covered: Read overcome bitterness to past your bitterness into God’s forgiveness and blessings. Types of Bitterness. Recognizing Bitterness. Overcome Bitterness. Every day life presents opportunities for us to be offended. It may be something as simple as people cutting you at traffic. It may be someone you love using harsh & cutting words that really hurt or it may be something deep like betrayal of abuse that you have gone through. Satan gives us many opportunities every day to be offended. What was your Continue reading →

Do You Care?

The world we are living in is a very hurting place. Every day we hear so much of negativity, crimes, problems in relationships all around us. What is my response to the hurtful world outside there? How can I be the light and salt to this world? Do you think you can impact your family, colleagues, and the society at large and be a blessing? Six attitudes to be a blessing to the people around you. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word “attitude” Continue reading →

Being Patient.

Points Covered: Being Patient in situations is a virtue we all must develop. Read this practical blog on the benefits of being patient and how to develop patience. We are living in a very impatient world. By the day the world is progressing where inventions are made to make things faster which makes man even more impatient than before. Listen, God works on a totally different realm. God has a specific time for every event in our life. Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, Continue reading →