The Basic Christian | Dr. Jacob Cherian

We often hear the call to return “Back to the Basics.” Whatever their particular vocation in life – whether they be surgeons, cricketers, pastors, or parents. All people seem to have their favorite “basics” and also they tend to fall back upon. As Christian believers we too have our set of basics.So what do we usually mean when we call ourselves “Christians?” Is it our name that tells people whether we are Christians or? Not really, Because you would say, you could come across a Continue reading →

Maximize Your Relationship | Ephesians 5: 18-33

Maximizing our lives by maximizing the relationships that God has put us in. Illustration A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. The husband was asked the secret to their successful marriage. He said, “I grew up in an orphanage and i never received a father’s or mother’s love also never witnessed how a husband was to love a wife, or any healthy family relationships. I had to work hard for everything I had and was hesitant to commit to someone until Sarah asked me Continue reading →

Maundy Thursday | Jacob Cherian

For those who have little idea what “Maundy” means. Maundy Thursday holds an important message for all followers of Jesus. If you are a member of a so-called mainline church, there may be little that is new for you. Traditions However, there are tons of genuine Christians (including some of my friends) who do not celebrate any of these special days (like Easter, Christmas, etc.). They argue that “these festivals are not in the Bible and have pagan roots”. I have no grouse or argument Continue reading →

Palm Sunday | Jacob Cherian

Jesus wept! Yes! On Palm Sunday! Most of us will remember Jesus deeply moved and weeping at the tomb of Lazarus (John 11:33-35)—even though Jesus was soon about to raise him from the dead. But Luke, in his narrative of Palm Sunday, shows Jesus weeping (19:41). As he looked over Jerusalem, his body was wracked with deep sobs. While the disciples and the crowds were singing jubilantly (19:37)—because they thought the long-awaited warrior-Messiah had finally arrived—Jesus could only weep. The people shouted “Hosanna” (an expression Continue reading →

Did Jesus Cleanse The Temple? | Jacob Cherian

Scene at the Jerusalem temple: One of the Holy Week events which all the four Gospels enact is the explosive scene in the Jerusalem temple. The humble Jesus meek-and-mild, who rode into Jerusalem on a lowly donkey, appears to have been suddenly transformed into a whip-wielding angry prophet. The patient teacher from Nazareth is furious. The veins on his temple are bulging as he upturns tables and packs off the avaricious money changers with loud authoritative commands and wild gesticulations of his whip—all the while Continue reading →

A Reflection on Believers’ Response to Corona-virus Pandemic | Joe Thomas Abraham

Last couple of weeks witnessed unprecedented panic as the world experienced rapid spread of corona-virus pandemic. Now how or what an enduring believers’ response is suppose to be? A Believers’ Immediate Response Bible believing Christians, the believers were going back to Scriptures to reason out what God is doing in this world. To one’s astonishment, preachers have come up with varied interpretations and speculations. Would this be God punishing the wicked? God warning the lukewarm church? or a wake up call to prepare for Jesus’ Continue reading →

Did God The Father Forsake Jesus On The Cross? | Jacob Cherian

A chilling thought! But one that does enter our minds. On the cross, Jesus cried out, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” (Aramaic for “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?”) According to a line in a beautiful modern hymn, “The Father turned his face away.” The earth-shaking question is: Did He? Did The Father Forsake Jesus In His Hour Of Greatest Need? Did the Father turn his back on Jesus in his hour of greatest need? To be honest, I had till recently answered Continue reading →

Holy Week Under Corona virus Lockdown! | Joe Thomas

For many Christians it is inconceivable to have a Holy Week without gatherings in the church. Several admired the “creativity” of a priest in Italy who taped all the photos of his parishioners to the pews. The closed doors and empty pews of the churches brought to my memory Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple. The account of Temple cleansing suggests that it is possible to diligently study Scriptures and miss the Savior. It is also possible to perform religious activities and have no relationship with Continue reading →

Because He Lives | Samuel T. Koshy

Why the Message of Easter is More Necessary Today than Ever Before? This year as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we recognize the fact that we are living in an unprecedented time in history. We in India, are under a national lock-down, along with several other nations facing a similar situation. This pandemic has globally affected more than 1.6 million people. It is reported that there are more than 95000 deaths worldwide. At present it shows no signs of being contained Continue reading →

Set Your Hope

Introduction: What is your hope in life? Where do you set your hope? Is your hope in people? Is your hope in the prospects of your job? Do you place your hope in your money? All these are good things that God has given to us. However, these are all momentary and they will fail one day. As believers, we are called to set our hope in Jesus Christ, a hope that will never fail. Set your hope on His coming. 1 Peter 1:13-16 13Therefore, Continue reading →