Abraham and the Call of God

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-5


Some people believe God calls only Christians. Some believe God calls only pastors and church leaders. The fact is God calls everyone and the call of God is open to all who believe in Him. In other words the call of God is open to them who listens to the voice of the Lord. Many people in the Bible heard the call of God, some obeyed and those who obeyed God blessed. Let us see the life of one man who listened to the call of God and obeyed God.

For today’s meditation on the call of God let us turn our attention to Abram.


1. Worldliness

Anyone who lives in worldliness is worthy of the judgment of God. Abram lived in Ur and Haran before he set out for the call of God. Joshua 24:2 God judged the people who lived in worldliness. God first judged the people by flood in the time of Noah. The we can see God judging people because of their worldliness in Genesis 11 (Towel of Babel). Abram before the call lived a worldly life, worthy of judgment from God. But Abram was saved from the Judgment because he obeyed God’s call. Today, the worldly people are living in the same condition, worthy of judgment of God. Let us thank God for calling us and putting us in his divine plan and taking away our judgment on the cross of Calvary.

2. Hopelessness. 

(Genesis 11:30) Abram and Sarai had no children. Sarai was barren. Childlessness was considered as a major curse in the Old Testament times. It showed God’s judgment upon them. Both Abram and Sarai were hopeless in life before the call of God. Sarai had no joy as she had no children. For Abram no hope for the future as he did not have a child. God called Abram and Sarai out of their hopelessness.


1. God’s call is not about who you are

Abram was the son of Terah, part of an idol worshiping family (Joshua 24:2). It is this same Abram who became the father of many nations. This is how our God works. He does not call us based on who we are, what we are, or where we are. God calls us based on who He is going to make us into. So whatever your background God wants to take you from where you are now to a greater place which He will guide you. Never say your are not talented or not wanted by God. God’s call is not about your ability, money, talent, or your influence. We just need to come to God, God has all these qualities.

2. God’s call requires sacrifice 

(Genesis 12:1)
If you want to listen to the call of God it requires a sacrifice and separation. For Abram it was his country, his people, his father’s house. When God calls us it we will have to sacrifice things that separate us from God. It may be our lifestyle, our old character, our habits etc. Sacrificing something is very difficult.

Acts 2:7-4 shows the difficulty Abram had in obeying God’s call. We see God calling him 2 times; first when he was in Mesopotamia and secondly when he was in Haran. Abram first listened to God’s call and started from Mesopotamia but when he came to Haran God had to remind him again to continue in God’s calling.

What did God do to Abram?
God moved him from his comfort zone, moved his from his idolatrous surroundings, turned away everything that would hinder God’s plan in Abram’s life. It is quite though to follow Christ. We need to deny ourselves, and take out everything that hinder us from God’s plan in our life.

3. God’s call comes with a promise 

(Genesis 12:1-3)
God said Abram: Leave your country – I will make a nation out of you; I will bless you – I will do more for you than the idols you served did for you; I will make your name great – I will give you a new and greater identity; you will be a blessing – you will be a person who bless others. I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse. All the peoples on the earth will be blessed through you.
God’s call comes with a promise, a promise to bless you.

4. God’s call requires blind faith

 (Genesis 12:4)
Abram just listened to God and believing on God he left for a journey. In other words Abram had blind faith, yes blind faith in God. Christian life needs blind faith against all circumstances, against our hope, and against what we can see.


God is calling you today. If you’re a born-again Christian God is still leading you and calling you for leading a more holy life, to do His ministry, to lead others to Christ. If you have not yet been saved and baptized God is calling you from your worldliness and hopelessness to serve God, out of your sins, to be saved and baptized, to become the disciple of Christ, and to bless you.

Will your step out in faith to God’s call today? Amen.